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Top Candle Tips & Tricks

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It’s important to have an easy mindset when you begin your journey to candle-making. You’re only responsible for the wax, the wick, and your mould. You start to do your research, and now you are thinking “it’s not so easy as I thought”!

Candle making is an art form. You shouldn’t rush and it’s not easy to do it correctly the first time. It may take different approaches depending on what you want. There is no “one” way, but there are many candle tricks that you can use. You can make candles on your own. Every candle maker is different. It all depends on what you prefer. Start your journey by purchasing a starter kit that includes detailed instructions and measured materials. Then you can make adjustments as you learn.

These Candle Tips and Tricks are for every candle-maker:

It’s OK To Make Mistakes

Many beginners become discouraged and frustrated when their first batch fails to turn out as they had hoped. Although you may feel that you aren’t suited for this job or that there is a lot of waste in wax melted and materials, don’t despair! It’s okay to make mistakes in the beginning. That’s how you learn about the ingredients. Enjoy the journey and you’ll enjoy learning about your new craft.

Practice Patience

To create a perfect candle, you need to put in the effort and have the right tools and materials. No matter if you are making coconut wax candles or fragrant candles, it is important to practice and change your recipe as often as possible. You can be patient and continue practising until you reach the desired quality.

Takedown Notes

It’s a journey. You should record your experiences when creating candles. The candle journal will allow you to keep track and record your progress. You’ll be able to note what worked and what didn’t. Take note of the following details: the date and time, type of wax and percentage used, type of fragrance oils and percentage used, wick size and mould you used, and temperature at which these additional materials were added.

Know Your Wicks

Different wicks may react differently to different wax melts. The wick will affect the lifespan of your candle and your candle’s safety. They can also give you different burn times. Consider the size of the candle, the scent, and the candle’s colour when choosing a wick. Many online resources offer a list of options for wicks. This will assist you in selecting the right wick for you, or you can create one yourself.

Find Out What Fragrances You Like

You must also consider your fragrances when analyzing the interactions between wax melts and wick. While we all love scented candles and want them to last for a long time, there are many options to add scent to your candles. Our blog is where you will find the best fragrance to use in your candles and other crafts. But, apart from understanding the fragrance notes and how to make your blend, you need to understand the effects of each oil or raw material on your candle. You may find that some oils are not compatible with wax melts that are too hot.

It Is Possible To Have Less

We get it! Sometimes you just want to get creative with your candles. You can add decorative elements such as flowers, stones, or even a mixture of fragrances. This will make your home smell incredible. This is not always the best way to go. Sometimes, a simple minimalist candle can be the best. You should be aware that adding extra elements to a candle can make it a fire hazard.

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