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The Essential Roofing Tools List: 13 Different Types And Their Uses

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Whether you’re Orlando professional roofer or a do-it-yourself homeowner, one thing is certain: you’re only as good as your materials. But how do you know which roofing tools are a “must-have”?

That’s where we come in. Continue reading to learn about our guide to the essential roofing tools that every handyman should have!

1. Ladder

Some of the tools you’ll need are simple, such as a ladder. After all, you can’t just get to the top of your house without it!

2. Shingle Removal Tool

When it comes to removing shingles from your roof, any shovel will do. With a special shingle removal shovel, you can quickly remove shingles and nails while also making your roof look cleaner than ever!

3. Hammer Tacker

Attaching the roofing paper to the wood before shingling is an important part of the roofing process. However, without the right tools, this can be extremely hard! With a good hammer tacker, you can secure the roofing paper in no time.

4. Ripper

With luck, your shingle removal shovel will be large enough to handle all of your shingles. But, just in case, bring a ripper to help you remove even the most stubborn shingles and nails from the surface of your roof.

5. Pry Bar

All of your best tools have one thing in common: they can handle multiple tasks. That is also true of the pry bar, which can be used to remove unwanted nails as well as different parts of your roof.

6. Utility Knife

There’s nothing wrong with relying on some class tools. In this case, you’ll quickly discover that a good utility knife can cut shingles just as easily as it can cut anything else.

7. Roofing Hatchet

A roofing hatchet, as the name suggests, was specifically designed to meet your roofing needs. Its design makes it easy to remove nails and shingles and generally makes life easier: the hatchet side helps you lift up shingles while the flat side helps you pound nails in until they are nice and secure.

8. Cordless Drill

Drills are useful when you need to use fasteners other than nails. And, while corded drills are useful in the home or garage, cordless drills are your only real option when working on the roof.

9. Pneumatic Nail Gun

Every handyman lives by a simple rule: “Work smarter, not harder.” And, because roofing requires more nails than you can count, you may want to invest in a pneumatic nail gun to save time and effort in the long run.

10. Wheelbarrow

Removing shingles is one thing, but do you have a reliable way to move old pieces out of the way? A simple wheelbarrow can make moving pieces easier and prevent fatigue after a long day of roofing.

11. Caulking Gun

On the most basic level, a good roof is intended to protect you from the elements. To prevent leaks, you’ll need a good caulking gun to help spread the sealer around any exposed areas.

12. Square Framing

It can be difficult to achieve the precise cut and shape that you desire when cutting shingles. However, with a good framing square, you can ensure that each cut is picture-perfect.

13. Tin Snips

Roofing often necessitates delicate work, such as cutting flashing and fittings (these are for your drip edges and gutters). A good pair of tin snips will make these cuts much easier.

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