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What is the price of a drone roof inspection?

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Let me begin by emphasizing that there are no alternative for a qualified professional’s eyes, ears, and or hands when it comes to inspecting damaged portions of a roof structure or key building components. If you’re a homeowner, taking the ladder out of the garage may seem to be the simplest method to examine your home’s roof—but it isn’t. Roof inspections are critical.

The roof is perhaps the most significant component of a house. It’s no surprise that “a roof over your head” is a common phrase.

A roof shields you from the elements and, as such, is prone to damage during winter storms. A roof check should be performed twice a year, according to the national roofing contractors association. Once before the winter, and again.

Roof inspections may help you identify warning signs that, if ignored, can create issues with your whole home structure in the future. Weather-related issues include missing shingles, drooping and sagging, cracks, and granule loss.

Other reasons to get your roof evaluated include:

• Real estate appraisals

• Roof repair estimates

• Solar panel installation and maintenance

• Claims from insurance adjusters

Simply said, roof inspections are critical. Now that I’ve made my case, let’s look at the drone roof inspection cost vs regular roof inspections.

Cost variables for a drone roof inspection

Okay, now it’s time to go even deeper. You may have observed that drone roof inspections are more expensive than traditional ones. However, this is simply an average; most of the time, a drone inspection will cost the same as a conventional one.

However, what factors truly determine the cost of drone roof inspections?

I’ve prepared a list of five things that believe are the most important price influences:

1. The roof’s size

While most roof inspectors charge a fee for a very big roof, some charge just by the square foot of roof area.

2. Roofing material type

Yes, the roofing material has a significant impact on cost. If your roof is composed of “uncommon” materials such as wood shingles or barrel tiles, you may end up paying extra.

In fact, a drone roof inspection for a slate tile roof is almost four times the cost of an asphalt roof inspection.

3. Access to the roof

Not a big deal if you’re having a drone roof check. However, it is usual for roof inspectors to charge more if the roof is steep or unsafe. Drones overcome this issue by making the examination completely remote.

4. The weather

Climate is critical for drone roof inspections. If the weather isn’t cooperating, the roof inspector may charge you extra to compensate for the possible damage to their drone.

There are other drones that are more suited to harsh conditions, but they are more costly and will inevitably result in the inspector charging you more.

It’s a good rule of thumb to arrange roof inspections on bright days and cancel if there’s a danger of rain or wind.

5. Certification of the roof

Assume you are selling or refinancing your house. If you only need something to submit to your insurance company, a roof certification is often employed.

If you need a certification after the inspection, you may have to pay an additional $75 – $200 on top of the inspection price.

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