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How to Grow Leek Microgreens Quickly and Simply

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Leeks may grow to be very enormous, and leek-growing contests are all the rage in Europe. But what if we turned leek cultivation on its head and aimed for the inverse: leek microgreens? Instead of a 3-foot-tall behemoth that takes months to mature, you can produce inches-long leeks in only 10 days. You’ll also receive up to three harvests from each crop.

If you’re unfamiliar with leeks (Allium ampeloprasum), they are a member of the onion family and belong to the same genus as shallots, green onions, and chives. It’s no surprise that leek microgreens taste similar to onions, although a little sweeter. Despite their reduced size, they have a powerful taste. Leek microgreens, like onions, have a stringy feel. They, on the other hand, will not make you weep!

Why not simply cultivate onion microgreens if leeks are so similar to onions? To begin with, leek microgreens develop more quicker. They may be harvested in 10-12 days, although onion microgreens might take up to 21 days. In addition, leek microgreens include more nutrients than onion microgreens, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, dietary fibre, folate, and iron. They are beneficial to your skin and hair development, as well as providing health advantages like as bone health and lowering the risk of heart disease.

So, why not try leek microgreens? They’ll be a welcome addition to your indoor landscape. Maybe you’ll become addicted and start growing different sorts of microgreens.
How to Grow Leek Microgreens
Growing microgreens is really rather straightforward, and leeks are no exception. We’ll start by collecting ingredients, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying leek microgreens!

Seeds: any sort of leek seeds, while True Leaf Market’s microgreen seeds are recommended.
Seed-starting mix or coconut coir as a growing medium
To grow microgreens, we suggest a T5 grow light.
Containers: two shallow growth trays, one with drainage holes and the other without.
We propose Felco 322 Pruning Snips for shears or snips.
Mat de chauffage (optional)
A light weight (up to 5 pounds)
True Leaf Market sells some of our favourite microgreens seed, and we highly recommend growing the following varieties:

Microgreens of Giant Musselburgh Leek
Microgreens American Flag Leek
Microgreens Carentan Leek
All alliums, including leeks, produce bulbs. Those onion-like bulbs, on the other hand, develop from seeds, which we’ll employ to create microgreens. Any kind of leek will suffice, and the seeds do not need to be particularly marketed for microgreens.

Per 1020 inch tray, you’ll probably need an ounce of leek microgreen seeds. Because leek microgreens have a strong onion taste, a little goes a long way when cooking. Consider this while selecting whether or not to develop more than one tray.

It’s tempting to avoid the grow lights, but they’re a necessary aspect of producing any kind of microgreens plant. The plants need light only a few feet directly above them to thrive correctly. Substituting sunshine for the grow light results in etiolated, scraggly microgreens. Similarly, solar damage may occur if sunlight is excessively hot or prism-like through glass, which a grow light eliminates.

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