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How to Make Your Garage Larger for Larger Vehicles?

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Older houses have “all the charm,” but they are not often intended to accommodate huge automobiles. Cars were smaller back then, and families had fewer of them. Times have changed; we now have larger automobiles, and modern houses have much larger garages. So, what should you do with a little garage and a large vehicle? This is a dilemma that many homeowners face when they have big automobiles and little storage space. Increasing the size of your garage is a significant task, but the final benefits are quite satisfying.
First, take measurements.
The most straightforward method is to measure your garage before buying your new car. If you know you’re going to buy an SUV or a truck, take some measurements beforehand.

Measure the garage’s height, length, and breadth. Then, take the same dimensions as the car. Consider the space necessary for garage door hinges, the vehicle’s bumpers – which may add a few inches to the total width – and the additional room required to open and shut the vehicle’s doors with adequate clearance.

If you buy a truck, you may need to make certain modifications, such as removing the roof racks (at least for the winter) to keep the vehicle inside during the cold months.

While these are the simplest methods to squeeze a bigger car into your garage, they are not always a choice. Instead of pushing the car to fit, you may need to adapt your garage.

Addition has been bumped.
You may personalise your garage by adding a “bump out” expansion. This is the point at which you may expand the garage’s size by moving it into a nearby room. Depending on the arrangement of your home, you may be able to squeeze a few additional inches to accommodate your new car, even if it means bumping out into a neighbouring closet. To explore this option, you will need to hire a custom homebuilder or renovation contractor.

A Full-Fledged Renovation
If something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing. That should be the garage remodelling slogan. Yes, it will be costly, but if you absolutely want to personalise your garage to accommodate bigger automobiles, this is the way to go.

Check to determine whether your new garage expansion will fulfil your town or city’s building requirements before committing to a complete overhaul. Before you begin construction, most locations will need approval for an expansion.

When considering a renovation, keep the following adjustments in mind:

Garage walls: the walls must be removed and rebuilt. More outlets are the most critical thing you can provide your garage. Garages are notoriously short on power, so a meaningful redesign will need a plethora of outlets. The ability to plug in equipment and tools will pay off in a highly handy place for auto enthusiasts and tinkerers.
Flooring: bigger cars will need a floor that can support their weight. Popular choices include epoxy flooring and concrete.
Garage door: To optimise space in a garage, use a garage door that does not take up extra space. This allows your giant car to pass through without taking up important wall storage space.

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