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The Pros Of Property Buying Companies

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Property buying companies can buy your house without requiring a mortgage or loan. They have cash on hand and can purchase your house immediately.

A property buying company is a great option for home sellers looking to sell their property quickly. A property buying company can often close a sale in days and you don’t have to deal directly with a buyer who is part of a property chain.

Continue reading to learn about the main pros of selling your property to a property-buying company.


The more time it takes to sell a property, the more likely it will fail. A property buying company that is quick to act is a huge advantage.

It can take months to find a buyer or arrange a mortgage. The property buying company does not require a mortgage and will buy your property directly. This speeds up the house-buying process.

Selling your home to an estate agent can take anywhere from 6-9 months. Ernest Buys Homes can buy your property in as little as 7 days.

Chain Free

Property chains can be difficult to manage and can often lead to delays. You are vulnerable to other people’s whims when you depend on other transactions being completed on the same day.

If a buyer at the end of the chain decides to not buy their house, your transaction could also fail. The more the chain is long, the more likely it will break down.

We are cash-buying companies that don’t rely upon any chains. This means there is no risk of a chain snapping or a sale going sour. We contractually agree to buy the property. This will protect you from “cold-feet buyers” who might change their minds at any time.


The money they provide to purchase your home is not dependent on loans or other outside funds. They offer money on your property immediately, which is more reliable than a buyer who needs approval for a loan.

A cash buyer will typically make an offer if they know they can afford the property and are more likely to accept it. A cash buyer is more likely to close the deal than an offer from someone who is already on the market.

Any Condition

A cash buyer will often buy your house as-is when you sell it. You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on repairs to make your property more attractive to potential buyers. You won’t be restricted by any mortgage agreements or other restrictions associated with third-party financing transactions.

No Estate Agents

A property buying company doesn’t need to deal with estate agents to value your property. This means that you won’t be on the market as long as the property is being marketed to its true value. Selling to a cash buyer for your property means that you don’t need to open your home to the public for many viewings to find a buyer.

Avoiding selling through an estate agent is another plus. You don’t have their commission fees.

The Benefits Of Property Buying Companies

A property-buying company offers many advantages, including speed, ease, and certainty when selling your house.

Ernest Buys Homes provides a cash house-buying service that allows you to get a fast turnaround on your property transaction. You can sell your house in as little as 7 days and get the cash almost immediately. If you have felt like sell my house fast then you can contact Ernest Buys Homes

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