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5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your House

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Paint can be a cost-effective and easy home improvement project that will increase your home’s value. These makeovers can increase the value of your home by adding to its value.

These are five other ways that painting can help in improving home value.

1. To Increase Curb Appeal, Paint Your Exterior

A study showed homeowners who painted their exteriors received a 51% return for their initial investment. You might find this reason enough to paint your exterior. However, there are other reasons.

Your home’s first defense against the elements is paint. It is subject to extreme weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain, wind, and heat. A great exterior paint job will last for many years, but paint can fade or chip over time. It’s not too long since you last painted your exterior, so if your paint is chipping, peeling, cracking, or fading, it’s time for professional exterior painting service.

Painting your exterior can make your home more appealing and increase its value. Buyers will notice that the exterior of your home has been painted well and won’t need to spend any money on maintenance.

2. Paint Your Kitchen To Get The Best Price

Did you know that a kitchen with red or other saturated colors can lower the price of your home? A study found that kitchens with dark cabinets, white walls, and high ceilings are more appealing to buyers. Homeowners also enjoy a high return on kitchen walls that are neutral.

Remember that the colors you love while living in your home don’t necessarily translate into the colors you would love to see in a buyer’s home. A neutral kitchen can help buyers visualize themselves in the space. A professional painter can help you choose the right colors and even repaint your cabinets to save you money on a complete kitchen renovation.

3. You Can Make Your Bedroom More Attractive To Get A Better Return On Your Investment

While deep, soothing bedroom colors are ideal for sleeping well, they can be overwhelming for potential buyers. It’s time for a major update if your bedrooms, especially the master, are dark and have saturated pops of color. To entice buyers to spend more, have a professional painter change your bedroom walls to a soft grey.

4. To Increase The Value Of Your Home, Paint Your Bathroom

Your home’s overall value might be affected if you have your bathroom painted white to create a spa-like atmosphere or if you use bolder colors. Your home’s worth can be increased by using a light periwinkle or very light gray bathroom wall color.

These colors look great in bathrooms as other accessories, such as trim, cabinets, and plants, pop against them. These colors are calm and soothing, not overwhelming. White can be a great choice for a bathroom but can also look overwhelming to potential homebuyers. As we know, people who are looking to buy a home will be turned off by bright or bold colors.

5. To Increase The Value Of Your Home, Update Your Interior Paint Colors

Paint can be a great option if you’re concerned about the age of some of your finishes. Bright white paint can make old cabinetry, banisters, and baseboards look new again. This will give dark, worn, and damaged wood a new look as a low-cost investment.

A home with walls that fade into the background is more appealing to buyers. This makes it easier for them to visualize themselves and their furniture. Although it may seem difficult to repaint your house before you sell, it is still an easy way to impress potential buyers.

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