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Things to think about when choosing a self-storage facility

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If you’re thinking about utilizing a self-storage facility, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you choose the proper one. Here are four things to consider when it comes to storage unit deals.


The first thing you should think about is a convenient location. Choosing a location near to your home or company eliminates the need to travel great distances to store or collect your possessions. Furthermore, if you want to visit your apartment regularly, it will save you some money on transportation expenditures. If you don’t require regular access to your belongings, you may assume the location isn’t a huge deal. However, bear in mind that accessing your unit will not be as simple as it would be with a closer unit.


Because the safety and security of your belongings are critical, you should research the safety and security of a self-storage facility before selecting one. When selecting a facility, be sure to seek adequate security measures. Secure perimeter fence, gated entrance, video monitoring, security lights, and solid locks for each unit are all features of a good facility. Even better if they have a security system and supervisors on-site to reduce the likelihood of crime occurring.

The size you require

There are several sizes of self-storage facilities accessible. Larger units will, of course, cost more each month, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead of time how much room you’ll want. You don’t want to spend money paying for idle space unless you intend to keep adding stuff in the future. It’s also a good idea to think about the unit’s design. Some are narrow, while others are broad. In certain circumstances, one layout is better than the other.


Of course, you must ensure that the storage unit pricing is fair and that it fits within your budget. A few variables, such as the minimum length of time required, the kind of contract, and extra fees, may all increase the cost. Month-to-month storage solutions may be more cost-effective for you. Checking the website for deals is another way to save money. We will match your current payment at your current storage unit location for 24 months with evidence of payment at all secure storage!


While amenities aren’t always required, they do demonstrate that the owner of the self-storage facility cares about its clients. Some good features include an on-site manager who can help you anytime you need it and drive-up access to the storage units. At all secure storage, we provide moving truck rentals to make your move to and from your unit as simple and stress-free as possible!


It may seem stupid, but the appearance of the storage facility may be a huge element in deciding whether or not to rent there. If you discover a facility that isn’t clean or well-maintained, the apartments are likely to follow suit. If you rent a property from an unsanitary location, you may have to deal with mold or bug damage. Take note of how a unit’s corners and doors are maintained, as well as how the office space is kept. A trustworthy self-storage company will take care in keeping the office and storage units clean and neat.


You may choose a storage facility that regulates the temperature of its units based on the kind of stuff you’re keeping. If you have any goods that need a climate-controlled environment, this may increase the cost of the unit, but it will guarantee that all of your belongings stay in excellent condition, particularly if you’re leaving them for many months.

Security and monitoring

It is critical to examine the facility’s and its storage units’ security. When investigating facilities, inquire if the units have video monitoring or in-person supervision, since this will assist to keep your valuables secure. Furthermore, if you visit the facility ahead of time, notice if it is well-lit since this will assure your personal safety when you go to get your goods.

Convenience and accessibility

We previously discussed how important it is to be able to retrieve your goods when you need them, and a big part of that has to do with when the storage facility is open. Check the facility’s hours before renting a storage space. Some are available 24 hours a day, particularly if they are self-service, but if you select full-service, you may be restricted in when you may retrieve your belongings. This may not be as relevant while you don’t need your goods or are away for the summer, but when you’re back and ready to move into your apartment or dorm, knowing when you can get your items back will be useful.

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