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Here are 5 signs your sewer drain is blocked

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Clogged drains could be due to a number of causes. Drains are made to drain wastewater. They do not have to be used for hair, garbage, or any other debris. As time passes, soap scum buildup and germs can build up in your plumbing. It might become completely blocked if it continues to collect additional material, such as hair or garbage.

A major cause of blocked drains is tree roots. Your pipes are an obvious place to find trouble because tree roots naturally move towards the water. This is why your plumbing pipes are an obvious haven. Here are five indicators that your drain may be clogged.

#1. The toilet will not flush

A blocked drain is most often indicated by a toilet refusing to flush or backing up.

What may be preventing my toilet from flushing?

In most cases, this is the result of flushing an object that shouldn’t be there, such as a doll or too little toilet paper, down the drain. Other times, it might be brought on by using too little toilet paper. If you want to avoid causing serious harm to the area around you, you have to be aware of the appropriate actions to take.

How repair a toilet that won’t flush?

To stop the flow of water, close the flapper and open the tank.

  • Keep it closed for several minutes or until the water tank starts to fill.
  • Once you have the ability to control the water flow, you can dive.
  • Pour the plunger into the water until it swells.
  • Contact your plumber immediately if you are not able to clear the blockage.
  • Another sign that a drain is blocked is slow draining around the sink, tub, and/or shower.

Why are my drains taking so much time?

Often, the obstruction is caused by hair and soap scum.

2# Fixing slow drain

Drain cleaning regularly helps control buildup and avoids obstructions.

Avoid liquid drain cleaners. They can cause plumbing damage, are dangerous and ineffective, and can even be hazardous to the environment.

#3 Disgusting drains

A drain that smells foul is another sign of a blockage.

Why do my drains smell?

This could be a dry trap. You can flush the water out of the faucet to clear it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a bigger problem. Sometimes a stinky drain can also be caused from trapped food particles and/or a mouse that tried to gain access to your house by your plumbing. An expert can inspect the drain in any case.

#4 Squeaking drains

A blocked drain could also be indicated by gurgling drains.

What may be causing the noise coming from my toilets?

This indicates that there is some air that is stuck inside of your pipes. Because of all of these problems, it is important to employ professional plumbers.

#5 Unknown plumps

Tree roots are often responsible for causing blockages in your plumbing. Tree roots can cause serious damage to your plumbing, so contact My Guys Now: plumbing, heating & air conditioning plumber immediately if you suspect this.

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