Guide and Tips to Choose the Right Stair Chandelier

Guide and Tips to Choose the Right Stair Chandelier

The staircase is one of the vital areas in a building. A good lighting in this area will enhance its appeal and makes a good impression on your guests. The stair chandeliers are a light fixture that decorates your stairways. However, finding the right height and diameter is important while purchasing a stair chandelier.

Home decorators or interior designers have their own ways to choose the accurate diameter, wattage, and height to perfectly illuminate the stair area. Thankfully, now there are many online stores like Sofary where you can find right staircase chandelier. Sofary not only offers you a wide range of stair chandeliers, but other light fixtures too. At the same time, Sofary provides buying and using guides to visitors through their blog section.

The height and diameter are a crucial aspect when you choose a stair chandelier. Read on to know how you can find the correct length and diameter when finding a chandelier for your staircase.

Height and diameter of stair chandelier

If the stairway in your house has a good height from the base, it is the perfect place for hanging the chandelier. Selecting the correct length from the ceiling is a decisive aspect of stair chandeliers. In case of a double-height stairway, you should install it below the second floor.

For instance, if two floors have a standard height of 10 feet height, then the height of the stair chandelier should be 10feet, which is the average height of one of the floors. If there is something beneath the chandelier, the space between the lower section of the chandelier and the item should be at least 30 inches.

If it is hard for you to measure the height of the staircase, then you can go with the basic rules to calculate the height. As per the basic rules, the average distance between the floor and the chandelier should not be less than 7-8 feet.

Many people think the mathematical calculation is the best way of estimating the height of a chandelier accurately by following these steps.

  • Calculate the length of the ceiling in feet
  • Multiply the height of the roof by 3 or 2.5 inches to calculate the ideal height for the chandelier

The diameter of the chandelier is as critical as the length. A chandelier with a massive diameter will make the staircase too compact and vice-versa. You can follow these tips to choose a stair chandelier with the perfect size to fit your staircase.

  • Calculate the  length and width of the staircase in feet
  • Combine the sum of length and width together
  • The diameter of the chandelier should be equal to this sum

Tips choose a chandelier for the staircase

A staircase deserves attention in the most glorifying way to become the most gleaming statement in your house. For that matter, this article will help you with tips to make the most of your staircase.

  • Determine the foremost purpose of the chandelier
  • Confirm the lighting focus and style you want
  • Consider all the perspectives
  • Check the load capacity of the ceiling
  • Estimate the space
  • Accessibility

These tips will help you find the perfect stair chandelier to brighten up your stairway in style. At the same time, it will make your stairway the focal point for your visitors.